We like each other, but?

We met while travelling six months ago and have been in touch ever since then. We've met up a few times, but now live about 5,000 miles away from each other. We both know we have feelings for each other but we've just started up our own new jobs in our own place and he will not be travel out in the next two years due to work.

Is long distance advisable in this situation?


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  • Depending on the job but I think I will say, fuck the job and move closer to the other person. Otherwise u know what people say about long distance relationships..!
    Good luck

    • Ah no I think that's quite unfair to him..

    • Why unfair? I was saying, you move there..!

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  • I don't think so. I can understand the "what if" question, but I'd just forget it and look for someone closer.

    • What do you think about keeping it open until two years later?

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    • Ah, the latter is what I mean. :)

    • I see no problem with that, so long as you don't hold back from a relationship with someone else you may meet between now and then

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