How to get over this? What should I think?

So I asked this girl out on a date, she said yes and we set a time and a place for lunch. That was on sunday. Then today she comes up to me and says that she can't go out with me because her parents have this anti boys rule now.

I want to believe her and want to continue liking her, but then after she told me that one of her friends told me she saw her and another guy hanging out and they kissed. They were just friends and they like each other.

I do not know what to think about this, I want to think that she is telling the truth. But I also think that what she said was a nice way of rejection.

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Some of y'all will write rejections suck man, but I know I have been rejected before but this one hurts because she led me on to thinking that I had a chance. Then nope I didn't. How do I get over this and move on?


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  • I wouldn't be 100% on what her friend said. Maybe try again? If you truly do find out she is lying then why would you want to go out with her anyway. It seems kind of elaborate if she was trying to say no.


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  • Idk, I wouldn't take what her friend said as set in stone (unless it's someone you absolutely trust) I would say to find out for your self before making assumptions, but really what's the point? If her parents don't allow boys, there's really nothing left to do.

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