Could girls please suggest what is a possible reason behind this? Is asking a girl's contact wrong?

I am a guy.

I get lot of Random girls approaching me in public who strike up a conversation.

I have a conversation with them for around 20 minutes.

When I have a conversation, they smile/blush, act SHY/NERVOUS , touch my arm/ hair , look right into my eyes, play with their hair...

I feel a physical connection/chemistry.

As the conversation ends and I or the girl is about to leave, I ASK for their number.

They respond by giving excuses like, " My phone is not working " or " I don't have a phone".


Girl's why is it happening?



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  • There're a few reasons:
    (1) They're feeling shy, and NOT USED to this kind of situation.
    (2) You're probably having very funny conversations, but to the point that they don't feel like want to connect you.
    (3) You're probably being too nice in the conversations, which is why they always want some guys who are confident to pull the 'humor' trigger.
    (4) They just don't feel the connections with you, although you have shown 'humor' and 'knowledge' that you're an absolute attractive guys.
    (5) It's numbers' game, keep moving on


    • Thanks, bro... Well structured answer !!

      Although I must ask u, if they don't REALLY like me why are they flirting, asking questions about myself, looking DEEP into my eyes...
      They have quite a long conversation for around 30 minutes.

      Also bro, I am a bit realistic and a bit humorous. Not like a full comedian...

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    • I don't know if I am good-looking.. I am just happy with the way I look. I just get a lot of Random girls approaching me and giving attention.

      That's why I was REALLY CONFUSED, if a RANDOM girl is approaching u in the first place and you have a decent conversation, she would give a way to contact... Right?

    • THANKS, BRO... By the way, you look good man...

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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with you! I would be honored if a guy asked for my phone number and would not be able to act in the way that those girls are acting towards you! I'm really sorry that this is happening, but my guess is that you may be so attractive that the girls may fear that you're a playboy and not interested in a serious relationship... Sorry if I offend you, it's just an assumption!

    • Thanks :) But asking for a number doesn't necessarily mean for a relationship. First we can ONLY be friends and c the possibilities; right?

      I am not cocky at all and friendly :- )) So I am very annoyed now at what's happening to me :-z

  • that's weird idk. bc if I didn't wanna give a guy my number I wouldn't talk to him for 20 mins

    • Thank you very much for the answer... yeah I am confused too.. hahaha.

  • Are you cute?😂
    If yes then that's why, but the thing about giving excues when they're leaving try telling them in a joky way " why are you giving me excuses not to talk to you again you know you want us to be friends and who knows, we got along the first conversation why not talk again" don't say it straight can i have your number, make it a mystery, we love it mysteriously.

    • HaHa Thanks. Very sweet of ya. But I was wondering why do they decide to NOT keep in touch?

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  • Then ask for an email address. Everyone has an email address nowadays. If they still say no, then they are deceitful and not worth the effort, lol.

    • Thanks.. But why would they do it, if they approach me first and are flirty. I just don't get it?

  • They spend 20 minutes chatting with you? They are assessing you.
    They don't give their number? They didn't get a positive assessment from you.

    • Thanks... But why is their body language positive during conversation?

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    • Give them your number.

    • Thanks, bro. I will do that. I have a feeling you should have experience with many girls.

      Why do you think they are NOT offering any contact, or asking for my number/contact?

      What do you think is the problem? If they like me, why they don't give me a chance?