Songs/compositions on the piano that will set the mood? Also, would it work on you?

I play the piano and I want some romantic ideas for songs to learn. There's a girl I like this is the plan: she comes over to study after uni, she says "oh wow, you play piano?" and then I say "yeah, do you want me to play something?" What song would set the mood? Yurima - River Flows did the trick once in high school.

Any other suggestions?

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  • aw this is too cute.

    welllll it depends on what kinda mood u want to set. is this happening in innocence or u just trying to pick her up with ur musical talent? ...

    • Haha, I wouldn't say innocence, but I want to go out with her, not just sex.

    • hmm, the way you look tonight, elton john :)

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  • Aria Da Capo, are you having her for dinner?