Need girl advice quick?

this girl likes all my instagram photos (was first to like last night) and followed by band insta and liked the photo with me in it. Liked my Facebook profile picture. Looks at me at school. Her and her friends sit near us and looks like they try to get our attention. and today i walked past her friend and she looked at me, looked at the girl then her friend had a small smile. Asked my friend who I am even when she know exactly who i am (tell me why she did this)

How do i go about things? i;m presuming she likes me am i right


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  • It sounds like she Is Into you, sweetie, and with you both sharing some sort of chemistry here, this is also telling me you both need to get together and do more Than-----Liking and looking.
    Ditch the friend and ask her to hang out sometime.
    Good luck. xx


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