Should I or shouldn't I go out with him?

Reasons I think I shouldn't:
He's coming on way to strong
I've heard that he's done some awful things (I wouldn't put it past him)
And ughh I'm so confused!!
Help!! I don't know if he did them but ugh.
We have sooo much in common it's crazy.
He's nice to me but maybe he's just acting :o He's already told people that I'm his girlfriend? We haven't even been on our first date (which is tomorrow)

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He's also clingy!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you have a lot in common and he's nice to you, give him a chance. If he starts treating you badly, dump him

    • Hmmm yeah maybe you're right.. My friends don't like him and they say I shouldn't even go out tomorrow with him!

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    • Good luck! :)

    • Thank you!!

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What Guys Said 3

  • I advise to pass on date. If he is the type of guy you would like to marry, then go ahead with date.

    • We're both 14. I have no clue what type of guy I'd like to marry xD but thanks!

  • If you have your doubts, proceed with caution.

    • Yeah, ok I'll do that.

  • If he's too clingy, you dump him. That's what happens to clingy guys, so that they eventually learn to stop being so clingy.

    • By clingy I mean he's always texting me, like, non stop.

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    • Agh, so I'll just continue and if he doesn't stop in like 3 weeks I'll dump him?

    • Sure.

What Girls Said 1

  • it sounds like the only reason why your even considering it is because you have no other or better options. if this is true, remember its better to be alone than with a piece of shit

    • Why I am considering going out with him or not going out with him?