When you are friends with a guy what do these signs mean?

The other day he was very affectionate and put his arm around me sometimes and gave me multiple kisses on the forehead. He also bought me a present (he so ermines does) nudges me playfully and sometimes teases me.


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  • ? = "he so ermines does"
    This guy friend is moving into making this a GF-BF thing

    • Lol autocorrect darn iPhone :p I think that was meant to be sometimes

  • Sounds like he likes you. He's obviously flirting with you. Of course, if you don't flirt back... he will assume you're not interested and stop.

    • I'm interested and I think he knows it

    • " I think he knows it "

      Famous last words when the girls are left on their own, wondering why he never made a move...

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