Would you date someone who is depressed?

Why or why not?

Do you have any advice on how to deal with a depressed boyfriend/girlfriend?


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  • Well it generally helps to know why s/he is depressed first. After that all you can do is be supportive, nurturing and loving.

    Look depression is not easy. It's a vicious cycle that is hard to break, and to top it all off there are many things that can cause it. It could be environmental. It could be the weather. It might be situational, and if it's none of the above it might be plainly chemical. In that case I suggest he sees a doctor about it and gets medication. All the other stuff is something that might be easier to work out.

    Anyway if you want me to give more detailed advice I say you should tell me more. If not then that's all I can give.

    To answer your question as to if I would date somebody who was depressed. I dated three in the past. I might do it again if the relationship I am in now, were to fail, but I seriously doubt it will. Anyway I can't tell. I guess it depends on the person.

    Anyway gotta run. Hope this was insightful.

    • This was a general question. I asked because of a guy I've known for 3 months now who is depressed because of the econimic crisis, him being alone for almost 2yrs. He says it affects his work and he's getting more depressed and lonely. He constantly apologises for being distant and pessimistic, for breaking promises - the reason being depression. We are not officially a couple, I just don't know what to do...

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    • I'm not saying it's your only option. Far from it. I'm saying it worked on me. Maybe it will work on him. Who knows. Think about it though.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. Did my advice help?

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  • it can be hard work, especially when you've had a bad day yourself & you're looking for someone to pick you up.

    besides medication, diet and exercise can have big impacts on depression: omega-3 foods like oily fish have been indicated to help with some of the brain chemistry involved in depression. similarly exercising (esp aerobic) stimulates the production of various hormones which can help a lot.

    it helps a lot if the person in question knows s/he has depression, and is taking some steps to treat it (medication or otherwise).

    in many cases it's not something that can be "cured", but is rather "managed" - so if you're in a long-term relationship be aware that this is something you might have to deal with for the whole time.

    good luck

  • When I was younger, I had periodic battles with depression and my sympathy goes out to people who are currently facing it. That being said, I don't believe I would knowingly begin a relationship with a woman who was clinically depressed, only because I would not want to interfere in her process of working through personal issues. Once those were sorted out or managed for the time being, that's another story.


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