Why do guys do this? Playing games?

i told this guy i wanted to talk to him and he said he wanted to talk to me too. Then he never contacted me so i left it alone. Then 2 days later he texts me "guess you dont wanna talk to me?" So i asked why he thought that and he said because he hadn't heard from me. Then next day i reached out and we texted back n forth for little and he jus quit texting. Today haven't heard nothing from him. Should i jus forget him? He playing games? i promise you i probably won't hear from him again til Thursday lol


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  • YOU initiated the suggestion of talking, YOU took the initiative. HE simply stated he was interrested in talking. HE expected YOU to keep up the initiative!
    HE expected you to do EXACTLY the same as you girls expect of us!

    He isn't playing games, it's that simple. You suggested talking, and he simply confirmed a mutual interrest. It didn't automatically mean "he's the guy, he's the one taking the initiative" you know. The world's not like that anymore. Gender neutrality. Now the rule is "the initiator keeps up the initative". And you were the initiator, but did not keep up the initiative. You wasted your chance.

    It's that simple. And yes, chivalry is dead. Equality killed it.

    • u guys last text i sent him was a requested seductive pic and he didnt. respond to it or my last dialogue of text. o sent. prior to that. I wouldn't mind initiating more but not all the time cuz. then. he'd think im desperate. I mean what am i suppose to be like "whats up" today when he blatantly ignored my last two texts. it should be a. two. way. street

    • hmm... well, texting all the time is off putting to some, y'know. Some people (me included) prefer things in real life, face to face. because some people does not consider texting as "talking", and think you need to meet to "talk". so consider the fact that texting excessively might not be a good idea.

      Also, what if he's simply doing the "girl trick" of playing hard to get? Tought about that? What if he's using women's tricks on YOU? Just a tought

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  • Have you said anything to him today? It sounds like he's expecting you to put in part of the conversation, so if you've not said anything today, maybe he's wondering "so this girl said she wanted to talk and she hasn't said anything today... should I forget her?"

    Remember he might end up have a v busy day, and not have much time to chat, too.

    If you try reaching out to him a bunch, and he doesn't get back to you for several days, then forget him, yeah. (I mean, even if he's super busy, he could spare the time for a text that says 'hey, super busy, will talk more tomorrow')

  • it seems like he just wants you to do more of the initiating, but if you don't wanna do that, then fuck him.

  • Goddammit, dump the bozo.


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