My fu@£ing ex is at it again help?

this morning i was walking in the corridor about to run into my ex ( i dont care it doesn't bother me) but it bothers her and she walked really fast into the bathroom to avoid me. Then i am with a girl i like flirting etc and she bumps into me when were talking and barges through the middle (i was holding her on my shoulder) and i dint know she was behing me and then at lunch she starts talking shite about me to the girl i like when i was like the next table. how can i get rid of this pushy bitch mind you she flirted with other people when we were dating and it was 7 months ago


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  • Go to her and face her tell her it's over and she need to move on be harsh on her and tell her it's not her business if you go out with someone else and she need to stop and if she won't stop you will be bitchy to her.


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