What does it mean when he says he's tired but I find out he's still up on social media?

I have been dating this guy for a few months. We tend to go to his house watch movies and just hang out. We never go out. But recently it seems like he has time to go out with other people. He says he doesn't have money to go out with me. I know his finances are strained at the moment so I don't push the matter too much. But lately when we talk on the phone he will say he is tired and will call me later. That's fine. But when I see him commenting on Facebook it makes me wonder if he just didn't feel like talking to me. I'm really new at relationships (I've only been in 3 including this one). I feel like I may be over thinking things.


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  • just because he said he's tired doesn't mean he wants to go to sleep right away. he just doesn't want to talk to you or do something with you because that event will put him into exhaustion, probably. he rather just say he's tired and then relax at home and do his own thing until sleep overtakes him. probably.

    • So going out drinking and partying with his guy friends is less exhausting than going to see a movie (which if I ask to go out I'll gladly pay so money isn't an issue for me) with me? That doesn't make sense. I can understand the not wanting to talk before yougo to asleep, that makes sense but the not wanting to go out with me doesn't.

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    • so basically, he would rather muster the energy to drink with his friends then spend quality time with you.

    • Woah, don't say that hanging with your buds is not time well spent. It's probably more comfortable and less stressful than going out on a date, no need to be uptight or think about if she's enjoying herself or come up with interesting things to say. Guy's need time to hang with their bud's Because all that shit doesn't matter. Also it might be more fun for him to hang out with his guy friends than you.

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  • You are in this newbie relationship with someone who doesn't sound much like a barrel of monkeys here. He doesn't seem to show much gun ho when it comes to going out with you, putting you on aback burner as though you were Not one of his main priorities, and even though he may be penniless It seems h e has allotted a few bucks to go out with the boys And-------Doesn't have money for me.
    And with his Other lame duck excuse of being Weary, you are now a bit Wary when you see him mowzing on Facebook... a girl would wonder if he is putting you on his pay no mind list with everything on This List.
    Sit him down and a have a serious convo with him. There may be a motive for his boyish behavior and a Problem Child Pattern he is starting here. This is no way to act when 'dating' as you both are supposed to be and he just Might be feelings something inside he doesn't want to talk over with you.
    When I say this, he may be feeling cold footed in Going into a Real relationship. And this is may also be his only way to say that this is his own space, he wants to go easy and not have to explain himself right now.
    No, not 'Over thinking things' at all here.. there is something that needs addressing very soon so it doesn't end up down a beaten path of gloom and doom.. nip it in the bud before it comes back to bite you.
    Good luck. xx