What makes a guy pull away in the middle of a great relationship?

What does your girlfriend do to make you not like her anymore? what are some reasons why guys suddenly pull away? Does the girl want to take the relationship to a new level too fast? Did she do something wrong?

Haha sorry for not being clear, I'm not in this situation, I just wanna prevent it. Thanks tho:)


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  • If she's boring, if she has way too different of a mentality than you. If she becomes a bitch every once in a while for no reason, or doesn't let you know what's bothering her. He could be a nice guy and go with the flow and try to work things out in his head but eventually he will just give up and call it quits.


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  • Most likely he met someone else that interests him. It's also possible he doesn't want to get serious with any one girl, but wants to 'play the field.'

    Either way, don't try to argue with him about it. Be polite and ask him, if you're really curious!

    • Yup pretty much just ask him. There can be a multitude of reasons. Ranging from depression to feelings of attractiveness.

    • I'd say wanting to 'play the field' is the most likely answer in this situation!

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