Is it wrong to like someone who lives over sea's and that I never met in person before? I need help/advice please!

So I met this boy about a 2 years ago through my brother. We talk all the time. Since he lives in London and I live in America there's a 6 hour time difference yet he will stay up all night just to talk to me.(We Skype and im friends with him on Facebook.) I've grown to like him possibly even love but im too scared to admit it. I know him better than any of my friends I have in America. I think its possibly he likes me because he always flirts and complements me saying things like "Your so beautiful inside and out" or "I love your voice" We always talk about how when were both older (Im 15 he's 16 now) were going to live together and he even joked twice about us having kids cause we bot like the idea of naming our kid Jinx. He's always there for me giving me advise. But whats really troubling me is, would it be bad if i loved him even though I've never met him in real life? If all goes well i might be seeing him for my birthday but still, and even if he really did like me the same way would it bad if i were to have a relationship with him if we live so far apart? How would i even tell him how i feel? I've felt like this for a while.. im just so lost. Any advise would be great i'd love to hear your opinions good/bad. oh and also i have video chatted him so i know he's not some older creepy guy and i know im so young and i don't know any better but I've always stayed away from guys in a romantic kinda way, i thought since im so young it would be pointless to date since it would go nowhere but i don't feel that way about this guy. He's different. Hope i can get some help!


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  • I spent a bit of time in a long distance relationship so I can relate to some of the things you mentioned. My advice to you would be to stay romantically detached from this guy. My long distance relationship started in high school. It worked perfectly fine until we went to college in different places. As you get older spending time with your significant other will become more important. It may seem easy to make this relationship work now, but as you both grow older spending time together becomes more essential to a relationship's success. Unless you realistically think that you will be able to go to college together I would not try to pursue a serious relationship with this guy. Having a long distance friend can be a good thing. But it is overwhelmingly difficult to make a serious long distance relationship last if you cannot be together.

    • Thanks very much for the advise. It makes a lot of since and I believe that's the right way to go but, I don't know if my feelings will let me follow your advise. Trust me i want to go with what you said its really good advice but its gonna be REALLY hard to. I will try my best though! Thank you!

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