How to bring some life to a dull relationship?

We have only been dating a few months. But our busy lives and work have taken over and our love life is pretty dull. Some days he is too tired to even drive over and hang out. So I see him maybe three nights a week now instead of everyday. Which is understandable. However, the phone conversations are so dead sometimes we sit on the phone in silence. Not having anything to say. He doesn't really put in too much effort to keep the conversation either so its mostly me. When we hang out we watch tv till he falls asleep and I wake him up around 2am. His work life and family life is crazy right now so I understand why he can't make it and that he is tired all the time. But I just want to know that thats all it is. That I still have his interest but he is just busy. Secondly how to make the most of our time together or on the phone? How do i make them more meaningful since I am getting less of them.


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  • Do some research on some interesting topics and stories so there's never silence