Guys, would you fall for a girl who was always schmoozing you and complimenting you? Or would she come off as too easy?

Girls are constantly being won over by men who schmooze them, tell them they're pretty, ect... I am guilty too, because... well, it feels good! But I don't see many women doing this to men.

So here's my question: Say you met a girl and you were attracted to her, but you had other options...
Would she essentially win you over by consistently feeding your ego and complimenting you on your looks/personality/body ect? How would it make you feel? Would you get tired of it? Would she become less of a challenge, resulting in you being turned off? Be honest.

PS - This isn't a trick question..


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  • I'll jump right into this. There was a girl who liked me the beginning of my junior year. She would always be nice to me and talk to me at the lunch table. Didn't think much of it until next semester where we ended up never getting to talk to each other because of the schedule changes. I wasn't interested in her when she was into me but then when whenever saw me I kind have started to miss her and appreciate her. Next thing I know I'm messaging her on Facebook and she goes bananas and starts liking every single one of my status's haha. I started to fall for this girl because the joy she presented around me felt genuine. She was the only person to ever make me feel like I had a level of importance. Just be real with him and if he dosent notice at first. He will one day think about the appreciation you gave to him and that level of importance you made him think he has. Be real and don't force the compliments. Just let it be real and let it come natural. Let him know that he is worth your time in a nice genuine way:) every guys different but I fell so hard in love that it's been four years and it still has effects on me.


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  • Compliments are always nice but I watch a persons actions because unlike spoken words actions never lie. I would be with who I was most comfortable with even if she didn't compliment often

    • Yeah that's the logical side of it I suppose... I was watching a documentary earlier and the guy had an affair because the other woman was always complimenting him.. the feeling of a woman really wanting him turned him on. Then I realized that I hear this a lot.. I'm not saying that the compliments alone are all it takes, but it's gotta feel good vs not receiving them, right?

    • Call me suspicious but someone continually complimenting me makes me distrust their actions. People that charm make my skin crawl

  • If she consistently compliments me and finds excuses to do so, I might agree what you think that she is too easy. I would feel a little creeped out and loose interest
    But, a compliment every once and a while is nice


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