Contacting me after two months of nothing?

Internet dating yet again. I hit it off really well with a girl, we talked on the phone and texted for a couple weeks and had a lot of the same interests. I asked her out twice, always got a yes from her but she would usually cancel and eventually stopped returning texts. Well that's the way it goes right? Moving on.

A couple months went by. I was over it when suddenly she starts texting me again and wanting to "catch up". She calls me up and asks if I want to hang out some time. I said sure thing. She said it depends on when her daughter is at her aunt's and whatever else. I said alright, let me know. That was about a week ago.

Obviously after all this time, my interest in setting up the plans and doing all the things "a guy is supposed to do" has faded away. At this point I'm still down but I feel like the ball is in her court. Since she's the one who disappeared on me. I almost feel like pressing the issue with her any more would be naive. She seems a bit flaky to me and would honestly be surprised if she put any more effort in. Yet she chose to re-establish contact with me?

I'm really not expecting anything to happen with this girl at this point and will not be strung along emotionally. Just wanted some opinions about what might be going through her head.

Interestingly enough, we ended up meeting up... We've been seeing each other now for a couple of weeks and things are going great between us. She dropped the bomb on me and told me she was really nervous about meeting me and apologized for making me wonder for all this time. She even surprised me with a plate of food from her family's Thanksgiving, since I wasn't able to go see my family this year.

Just thought I'd mention it since the situation really turned around when I least expected it.


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  • Oh man I HATE it when people do that jfc stop giving us false hope

    I doubt she's interested, perhaps just bored, but hey why not give it one more shot if you have nothing else going for you


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  • Her other relationship she got into online didn't work out; now she is trying to get back with you. She doesn't deserve another chance.

  • She doesn't seem serious about it and she definitely does not deserve another chance because she most likely will not go through with them. She sounds very unreliable.

  • Several things. She has met people in person who were nothing like they were online and can't make up her mind if she wants to go through with it. She is being strung along by someone and keeping her options open with you to have someone to go out with. She got a better offer and it didn't work out. It sucks and it hurts and men and women both do it to each other. You deserve better.


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