Which one should I chose?

Kayy so here the deal .

About 3months ago i broke up with a guy who id been going out with for almost a yr and half .

The main reason why was because I wasn't having as much fun . I wanted something new . And on top of that he kept hurting me .

After we broke up I started seeing this guy

(i talked to a lot before me and the other guy broke up)

3months later were still together . I like him a lot . He's funny cute and a good guy .

He hasn't done anything wrong yet !

So here's the problem. my ex wants me back

realllllly bad . he calls me crying all the time and it's so sad .

he says he loves me still and that he wants to be with me again promising to fix anything that was wrong before . he also says I'm the only girl he wants .

yea I miss him too . And I still love him, its kinda hard not to since we had been together for so long . But I really like the guy I'm with now . And omg its so confusing

i really don't know what to do . I'm stuck between two guys

& it sucks !


Please help . I need advice badly . Lol I'm scared that if I keep going on like this .

(not knowing what I want)

eventually I'm going to lose both of them .

1 . The boy I'm with eventually break up with me because he isn't getting my all (our relationship won't get anywhere if I stay stuck on my ex :/)

2 . My ex will eventually just give up and move on


i don't want either of those to happen

Ps . Sorry this is soo long . And for the mis types ! :D

thanks guys ! :]


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  • Lol, wow ! Here's my opinion:

    If I were you, I wouldn't listen to your ex or even think about getting back with him, because you said it your self, you weren't having that much fun with him and you wanted something new . If you feel that way with someone, chances are you won't be seeing that person any longer .

    So stick with this new guy you found . It seems like he's the one that your having fun with and is that 'something new' Stay with him !

    The onyl reason you would think about getting back with your ex is because the two of you have a past . That's all . You've got to realize that he wasn't good enough for you . He wasn't as much fun as this new guy . So tell your ex that you've found someone else and that you want to stick with him .

    The next move is yours, you decide who you want; your ex: not fun, not new VRS . New guy: fun, the new .

    • Not that I think about it

      you are totally right!

      ha thanks your amazing.


      forget my dumb ex bahaha

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