How are job sites equivalent to dating sites?

I've been job hunting and signed up to a website where I placed my CV and filled in as many details as I possibly could, such as career goals, previous work experience, qualifications and the rest.

I uploaded a picture of myself on there too since it was part of the criteria to completing the full profile.

A few days after I had done this and put my details online to find a job, I get a phonecall from a recruiter, asking me details of myself. I told him as much as I can since I really want a job right now, but then after our conversation he asked if he could call me again. I said ''Yes, sure, I'd like you to call me so I'd know more.'' Then he said ''No, not about work, I was just wondering if you would like to go for dinner sometime.''

He's meant to be recruiting me! Do you reckon it's because he knows what I look like? My picture is pretty normal and plain too.

I really want a job so I want to deal with this in a proper way, since the company he's recruiting me to seems very interesting.

What do I do and say to him next time he calls? I was so shocked I just quickly said ok just call me back some other time then hung up, maybe I shouldn't put a picture on the job site?

What would you guys do if this happened to you? Besides I'm kind of in a relationship, even if I was single I wouldn't even think about this stupid situation. Would this effect my chances of getting this job? How can I make it so I can somehow get around this and get an interview?


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  • Forget him and forget that job. He might be lying to you about an opening. Recruiters are not the most skilled people in this economy. They are similar to realtors in the sense that they don't have a real job, and they are paid by commission.

    But even people in the HR department of a company almost always have the laziest people. If they were any good, the company would place them in a position where they get real work done. So this guy is clearly not acting professional.


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  • omg that sucks!

    i don't think he'll hire you if you reject him

    but is the job worth all this trouble?

    • Hey AcEMasTeR :-)

      Do you think if I said no in a polite way he would be able to separate what he has made personal from what's practical? This is an awkward situation for me :-/

      This is my second job offer so maybe it's not as worth it as it seems, but what if I'll be missing an opportunity, the company is pretty nice too, exactly what I was looking for. He's calling me back soon to arrange an interview so I don't know what to say or do.

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    • Good point, I didn't have time to mention it because I was really nervous on the phone and my mind was totally on track of what I should answer next.

      If he brings up that question in my next phonecall with him, I'll tell him straight out but politely so I don't lose any interest from him in the employment aspect. Thank you :-)

    • You are very welcome


  • Girls are like employers

    Guys are like the people applying for a job

    Every job gets about 700 applications


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