Blood is thicker than water?

What does blood is thicker than water mean? My boyfriends mom says it a lot to him. Do you agree with the saying?


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  • It means that family comes before all else. That your blood relatives are more important than non blood relationships. No I don't believe in it. It also means the family member will do what the family wants regardless how he or she really feels


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  • It means to remember that family relationships are stronger than non family relationships. the mom and son are closer than the son and his girlfriend

    • I disagree though becsuse eventually a guy creates his own life with his women. That can be a strong bond too.

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    • @Asker, but if that relationship fails, who do fall to?

    • Anything can happen of course a ration ship can fail but that's but that's not what we are referring to. The point I'm trying to make is that after time a couple becomes their own family as they get older so it is stupid to say just because they don't have the same blood running through them they should come second best to each other. People grow up and find the person they love and start their own families. If a guy always puts his blood relatives first then how he is he supposed to leave the nest grow older and form his own family?

  • Sometimes its right and true but other times its total bull.

  • Family is closer than friends