Is this a date or is it just hanging out with a friend?

So I have this friend that I have known for about 3 years. A couple of months ago she asked me if we could go fishing together. She doesn't fish at all. She asked if she could tag along on one of my fishing trips so I said yes! I have never heard from her that she fished so it was a shock to me when I heard this. Also since there are other people near her that she could have asked. I live 30 minutes from her but there are a lot more people within walking distance!

So is was this a date? Or did we just hang out? We have done this twice now and both times she initiated. I didn't do a lot of fishing and we did a lot of talking about life and so on. What do you think?

It would be just the 2 of us! She was going to fish but license was too much, she from out of state! We did this twice...the first one there was more fishing..the second one, 10 minutes only, and the rest talking and sightseeing...
well doesn't seem like many people know either!


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  • It was just you and her fishing? Or were there other people there with you guys?

  • Hmmm, difficult one. Maybe it was a date, maybe she was just hanging out. If you like her use the fishing trip as a starting off point. Ask her to do something again, and make it a bit more date-like