He talks to me in person but doesn't reply to my messages?

So this guy and i have been talking/texting for a while now but im not sure how he feels about me. Everything seemed fine, but recently its been weird. In person we joke around and he compliments me and seems interested and seems like he wants to be around me but when i message him, he doesn't reply. I see the "read" receipt but there just isn't an answer from him. I honestly haven't told him my feelings about him yet but if he liked me, im sure even if he didn't know i felt the same way he would reply to my messages right? Its just really confusing and im not sure if i should move on because in person he seems so interested. He stares at me when we're across the room from each other and when we're closer he starts up conversation and it seems like he wants to be around me more yet he won't reply to my messages. I don't get it. Someone please help.


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  • I'm sorry to say this, but he just isn't that into you. You even spelled it out in the above paragraph, he notices you when your around but the second your gone it seems like your out of his mind. Best of luck.

    • Thank you for your honesty :)

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