What's the best way to arrange a friends with benefits situation?

I'm looking for advice not on attaining the situation but I'm more asking for the kind of arrangements that work. What rules or boundaries are good to set? I'd like to keep this going for a while. She's very unemotional about it but she is afraid of it getting messy. Neither of us want a relationship but she's had a bad experience with a guy who got clingy. I'm a fairly level headed guy who just want to get laid fairly regularly during my final year of school (great way to destress) plus I enjoy her company and she enjoys mine.


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  • Hmm... rules for friends with benefits here are my rules
    1. No cuddling afterwards
    2. No spending the night
    3. Meet up only for sex
    4. Only text or call when trying to meet up
    these rules work for me


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