Guy 10 years older and recently broke up. Is it just about sex or something real?

He broke up with his girlfriend sometime over the summer, no idea when, and we have been flirting for awhile. But are flirting started out innocent, got super sexual, and is kind of in the middle now. He is 10 years older than me and I just dont know. Can I ask why they broke up, do I want to know? Do I keep flirting with him? Will I just be the rebound? Will he take me seriously or is he just wanting to have sex with me and take off? How do I read an older guy?


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  • Definitely ask.
    I'm the older guy in the situation, and I would be completely honest with anything she wants to know. The age difference is just an age difference, it doesn't define love. Just ask, and find out what his motives are. If he's pure, then go for it, you deserve it!


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  • Take it slow probably and be on your guard if you really like him or pretend to be blunt and ask him bluntly by saying "oh was that your friend earlier" when you know its his girlfriend he broke up with.

    Problem with asking his ex it could majorly backfire you in the long run where she can totally rat out on you or say potential bullshit.


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  • he is 10 years older than you why the hell else would he be trying to get with you run away

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