Shoud I marry with someone who has ADHD?

i have been with and lived together with my boyfriend for more than 2 years. at first he really wooed me with all the attention and affection ( they say people with adhd will "hyperfocus" on their partner at the beginining). however, after the honeymoon phrase until now, he just gives me o very little attention, sometimes his actions makes me think that he doesn't care about me or has become disinterested. it's like he's occupied with something else. at first i thought he doesn't love me anymore but recently i have found out that he has adhd as a child and the adhd symtoms in adults match exactly with his behaviours. i understand that it's going to be hard work if i marry him since he's very disorganised, forgetfull and slack with house chores. he has a very low sex drive too ( which is another symtom of adhd). we have sex once in every few months. now i know so i dun take it personally anymore but i used to feel so rejected.
anyway my question is i can try to work on my relaitonship with him. However, i know ADHD is also genetic, that means even if he becomes better, our children will be likely to have adhd too ( 30% more than children whose parents have no adhd). i just dont want my children to be disadvantaged...
wt do you think? does anyone have similar experiences? many thanks


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  • Dump him, you got it right with your evaluation.


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