Should I contact him first?

Hmm here's what happened. My sister had a party and one of her friends of a friend came over. He came over last time and was pretty cute. he's a little bit younger than me but I still thought he was cute and he seemed pretty cool. Anyways today at the party he kept messing with me which got me thinking he was maybe interested? Like he would touch my feet or poke me lol Anyways he asked if he could stay over longer and I would just give him a ride cause his friends were gonna leave early.. Obviously I think he asked to stay later to hang out with me... And anyways we ended up hanging out, cuddling, and talking lol. I don't know my mind is thinking about him and I'm wondering if he's thinking about me?

Should I contact him? I didn't get his Facebook or his #. I don't want to go as far as getting his number but maybe adding him on Facebook and asking him "hey whats up?" Is it better for the girl to just wait and see if he contacts me? I was thinking about asking my sister to see if he'd like to come over to hang out (obviously for me) that way it doesn't seem like I am the one contacting him?

I don't know I've been told it's not good to contact guys but to let them contact you. What do you think is the better method?

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  • It's the 21st century, who cares if you contact him first or he contacts you first. Some guys actually like a daring girl so I think you should just go for it! He'll eventually like you for who you are if he really fancies you

    • No problem! I hope you figure it out! Remember, as guys say, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Same goes for girls! and everyone has their own unique personality :)

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  • I'm way more interested in girls who ask me out. It shows confidence and self assurance, which is sexy.

  • It sounds like you guys really holier it off why wait!! Get in touch with him


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