Why does my bf of 2 years always want to spend time with my family?

My bf of 2 years is constantly asking if we can hang out with my family. I don't understand why he wants to spend time with them. I understand the occasional family gathering, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I guess I'm not at the place in our telationship where I think meeting family is important.

Any ideas?


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  • Two years and you still don't feel like him being with your family is important?

    How is he supposed to decide if marrying into your family for the rest of his life is a realistic idea?


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  • Well I think he's trying to fit into your family before proposing to you

    • the arab way

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    • Thats the not the meaning of racist by the way... If something is true and comes from stereotypes of any such thing like that... How is that racist, its sort of true maybe

      Being racist is attacking people based entirely on their ethnicity. Learn your definitions please.

      And at 2 years, whatever maybe he likes your family and wants to show them respect since its been 2 years. Whats the big deal... or just talk to him and tell him you find it really noble that he wants to show them respect but just tone it down slightly.

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