advice offered, this is not a question. guys and girls, does so and so like you more than a friend? is s/he into you?

Ok so I'm a N00b and 1/2 on this site, but all I see is (mostly girls) asking "Does so and so" like me?

In this post, I hope to give advice to every guy and girl to figure out if somebody likes you.

Fucking ASK the person! Either man/woman up, and ask them if they like you, or shut up.

Being scared or timid your whole life is OBVIOUSLY getting you nowhere. So, I suggest y'all quit playing the shy card, strap on your big kid boots, and ask the person of your affections for a freakin date already.

I personally would LOVE it if a woman came up to me and said she liked me or just asked if I liked her. This is 2014, not 1914. Women ask guys out all of the time. It is NBD.

Guys, grow a pair. Fucking sack up, and ask her on a date. It is more traditional for a guy to ask a girl out.

Let me put it another way: It is better to be rejected, than to constantly wonder. It's better to know where you stand, than to miss out on an opportunity.

I never understood being nervous or too scared. My freshman year, I walked up to the head Cheerleader on the varsity squad. We had a couple of classes where we sat next to each other. We had chatted and she was friendly.
I explained that I liked her as more than a friend and asked if she would go out with me.

I got bitch slapped. But you know what? Totally worth it. We became the very best of friends.

My Sophomore year, I GOT the head Cheerleader on the varsity squad. We were exclusive for 7 months. She was way hotter than the first and extremely stuck up/snooty.

Then she fucked some guy at a party...

MORAL OF THE STORY: There's nothin to be scared of.


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