Are we dating? Can I ask?

I met a guy a few months ago we became friends. About two months ago he finally asked for my number and we started talking every day. Just over a month ago he asked me out for the first time, we've gone out to eat or just to hang out 1-3 times a week since and talk every day. There's kissing and hang holding and sweet things said, no sex yet. He treats me better than I've ever been treated, it makes me happy to be near him. It's not always easy to get time together we both work a lot and on opposite shifts, we haven't even had the same day off together since we've been hanging out, but I'd wait for as long as I need to just to get some time with him. My only problem is I'm not sure where this is going. We both like each other a lot, we've made that no secret and talk about it often, I'm torn because I want this to turn in to something with him but at the same time I'm scared because of my feelings for him. I've never felt uncertain about his feelings for me when we are together but I second guess myself when we don't get to see each other. Is it too soon to ask if he sees this going somewhere? Should I just let things go how they're going and hope for the best?


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  • Guys appreciate honesty more than anything, that is something I've learned over time and it has always rang true. Just tell him your insecurities and that you want to know if he sees this going anywhere, because it's creating a lot of confusion for you when you have time apart. He'll appreciate the honesty and the fact that you're interested enough to consider a commitment.