Girlfriend randomly ignroing me? Why?

I've been dating this girl for about 2 months now. Things have been great an no problems once so ever. Were both 20. Yesterday we had plans to go out to dinner/movie after i got out of work. During my shift I noticed she didn't reply to my text which was "lol whos dumb now" we were joking around. i simply shrugged it off and assumed she's busy. Hours later i get out of work and she still didn't reply. I texted her to double check if we were still on. No answer. I still assumed she was simply busy but it seemed out of the ordinary. Couple hours pass and no reply. My friend whos friends with her on Facebook (i dont have one) saw her post a status update talking about her best friend. They had a short conversation and she seemed fine. This bothered me cause I was wondering why she didn't reply at all. My friend showed me her page and it showed the same
day she was posting about being sick and saying how she hates cramps. Obviosuly its her time of month but would she ignore me because of this? I know every girl takes it differently which is why im curious. The next day still no reply but her best friend tagged her in a pic of a texting convo they had the same day. From the convo she seemed fine. She is on instagram liking funny pictures etc. So now i know she is purposely not responding for a reason. What could all this mean? Is she losing intrest?
Note: i haven't texted her. Been 2 days

Fix: only day and half we haven't talked


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  • I don't know what you were joking about but maybe she took it the wrong way when you said "whos dumb now". You should call her and ask how she's doing and why she hasn't contacted you. If she doesn't answer the call you can write a text asking if somethings wrong and that you're sorry if she took your text the wrong way

    • Find out she was cheating on me. I ended it. Thank you for your help though

    • Oh, I'm sorry. It was strong of you to end it. Hope you'll feel better soon

    • Funny thing is after i confronted her about it she denied it comepletely but I will thank you again

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  • have you hung out before when she was on her period?
    are you two having sex? cause some girls I've encountered seem concerned about being with a guy during their period since they don't want to have sex and are worried the guy may be angry or upset

    have you tried calling her?

    At this point I'd just text her and say, hey are you ok? I'm worried about you

    • No. Again weve been together for almost 2 months. So this is definitley a first. Weve had sex before earlier in our a relationship but not recently due to very little privacy considering with both live with our parents. I just sent her a text to see if she was alright, ill see if she replys or not.

    • so you're goin on three days without any word from her?

    • Find out she was seeing me and another guy. I ended it. Thank you for your help though

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