Did I screw up? Advice please?

A few of us went out for my birthday and I got completely shitfaced. The guy I like came with, even though he's not reaaally part of this group. I don't really remember much after getting to the club, but he ended up bringing me home in a taxi. When we got here, he got into bed with me (nothing happened) but left shortly later because he said he wanted to get a proper night's sleep. When I debriefed with my friends they said that at the club I was, and I quote "like a pole dancer on crack and he was the pole". But apparently he was pretty sober and looked a little awkward at times. I texted him to thank him for looking after me but haven't had a reply since. Does it seem like I made him super uncomfortable and ruined any chance I might have had with him?


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  • He might just be feeling awkward about he whole issue and is trying to let it die down. If you want to go after him you might be facing a bit of a steep hill since he saw you at your worst (?). Hell he might not even know its you unless he has your number. Honestly if you see him again try to talk to him about it and see where it goes from there. Besides your friends might be exaggerating and all you did was lean on him. Regardless he didn't take advantage of you when you were drunk and he had a good opportunity to do so, thus he might be worth the effort, only you know since there is little information about him other than what was given.

    • Definitely my worst. He is super sweet though, he's made me dinner before and helped me get back into my place when I locked myself out (i. e. climbed over the balcony for me so I wouldn't break my neck doing it) so I do want to try. I'll actually talk to him about it this time though, thanks. :) The last time we went out I made out with him but neither of us brought it up in conversation after.

    • good for you, hope everything will go well, it seems that he is into you but isn't brining it up out of respect or doesn't want to embarrass you.

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  • I'd say he wasn't impressed at all and prob sees this as the time to make a run for it.

    Did you just "thank him for looking after me" or did you apologise for your embarrassing behaviour? The latter might have been reciprocated; apparently your 'thanks' haven't.

    • I used the words "I'm sorry" in the text but didn't elaborate, because I apologised properly before he left.

    • 'properly' being?

    • I was on the way to being sober by that point so I told him I was sorry for getting so wasted and being such a twat, and that he got stuck being the responsible one.

  • Not necessarily. How long ago did you text him?

    • This morning. It's been about 12 hours I guess?

    • That's not too bad. If you don't hear from him in a day or so, I'd think maybe he wasn't impressed with your dancing skills.

    • Yeah no, I'll say straight up they can't have been great lol

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