Dating a foreign guy?

I'm currently living in Italy and I have been seeing a guy for about a month.
I flat out asked him the other day if he wanted to date/see me or if it was just a sex thing. He answered that he wanted to see me. I have to be quite straight forward with him because my Italian is terrible and his English isn't that great.
Whenever we do stuff together it always leads to sex... yes, I know I could be stronger and just say no but I don't have a problem having sex with him... I just don't want to be ALL that this is.
I was talking to my roommate about it and she said, "Well you go over and you talk to him when you hang out but since you have the language issue maybe getting physical is just his way of showing that he likes you"

I don't know if this is just a friend trying to make me feel better or if it actually sounds like something?


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  • I don't think your friend is right. I think what happens here is a misunderstanding. You guys had sex soon when you both knew you liked each other, so he probably assumed that you keep wanting sex with him, the same thing you assumed with him. No one gave the step and said you wanted to take things further, start dating, until you did it now.

    I don't think he's using you for sex, but this will be more clear when you both go on a date; see how he acts, if he's interested in you, or if he's just waiting 'till the end of the night to have sex.

    • We have been out on dates... they are becoming less and less as the time goes on and leading to more, hanging out at his place or mine- eating dinner/watching a movie etc. As I said in the other comment, I invited him out for my birthday this weekend so I will see how that goes.

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  • Your friend gives really bad advice - if ALL you do is have sex when you guys are together then he is using you for sex. Even guys who only want sex do fun things with their girlfriends like take them out to dinner, buy them drinks, take them to fun places to hang out and introduce them to friends and go to parties together. If ALL you do is have sex then the answer is obvious - he is using you for sex.

    • You may be right, but maybe he thinks the same thing: she is using him for sex. As I said in my comment, it's more of a misunderstanding; they need to talk and clear things out.

    • it's not all we do. Everything thing that we do leads to sex... like we will have dinner and we will go out places. But yes, the more I think about it... I think the more I am trying to justify it to myself. It's just that he doesn't seem like "that kind of guy", but who knows. I invited him out for my birthday on the weekend. I think this will be the test (if that's the right word), for us, to see if there can be an us.
      I think I needed that tough love right now. Haha. Thanks,

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