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I have a boyfriend. && we've have been together on and off for a couple of months now. In the beginning of our relationship, on my fb it stated I was single. He got upset asked me about it, and I changed mine. All along his was hidden, leaving people to "assume" he was single. I asked him to change it some time after, but he didn't. I let it go, cause I figured mine was that way, and its whatever, were together we are together. So recently I brought it back up, and he changed..He asked me would it make me happy, I said yes..And He said anything to put a smile on your face.(bullsh*t) So he changed it...Now no one knows what he looks like. Unless your real close to me, and you seen us together, but besides my family I haven't introduced him to my friends. Just yesterday I put up two pictures of us together, and it was a FB frenzy because no one has seen him before. I go to my phone and have a missed call. Then I receive two text messages from him telling me to take them down. I call him, now confused and upset. Wanting to know why my boyfriend doesn't want OUR pictures of US together on fb. Wouldn't give me an answer said we will talk about it tomorrow, I hung up on him. He calls me early the next day wanting to talk about it. Said he wanted me to sleep on it. Sleeping on it for me, gives me more time to thing about all possibilities so your best bet is to come at me when it first happens. Long story short, I continue to pressure him why he doesn't want the pictures up there. His exact quote "I have none I don't want it up there. Maybe I like to flirt and if people see that I have a girl they'll probably be reluctant to so do. Happy" Some major bullsh*t. I exploded..But know it has me questioning our relationship. Why are you hiding the fact that were together? Should I even further this. I have a lot of feelings for him. I met his family and friends, and Its not like I'm a secret girlfriend, but this is really bothering me.


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  • So...his reason for not having pictures of you two together on FB is that he WANTS TO FLIRT WITH OTHER GIRLS? And you might GET IN THE WAY? And he actually TOLD you that? After having at least an additional 12 hours or so to come up with a lie? Not to speak of being a jerk, this guy is a complete IDIOT. And frankly, these are not things that a guy who considers himself in a relationship does.

    • So true...Maybe I'm just holding on.We spoke today and he said he didn't think it was that big of a deal. I kept pushing the reasoning for why he wanted the pictures down, and he just said it to shut me up, because he knew that's what I wanted to hear..and etc. etc. I'm not buying it..But to be honest; he has said some shady things to me in the past..&& I'm finding it real hard to just let it go.

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  • end things. he's lying to you. this is way too shady.

    • Shady is not the word

    • Yes it is. its shady. you don't know exactly what's happening but you know SOMETHING is that he's not telling you.

    • No No.I was agreeing with you.haha .Im a sarcastic way. I know something is going on but can't put my finger on it.

  • get outta that relationship

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