He stopped texting.

I met this guy 3 weeks ago on holidays. He asked my number and started texting me. We ended hooking up every night for a week and he was texting me all days long... He was talking how this will be interesting autumn with me and how we will go out and have fun when he comes back to our town. I left first and he continued texting me all the time, flirting and sending cute sms... He said he liked me a lot and that we will see each other when he comes back. Than, 6 days ago he just stopped texting! I waited for 3 days and than sent him just "what's up?" and he responded immediately an we exchanged few messages. After that again nothing... What's happened? He should be in town in few days, but he doesn't seem to be interested anymore... Help What should I do? :(

C'mon guys...help...please


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  • I have no doubt he was physically attracted to you and he liked you but it is hard for a guy to sustain a desire to keep talking and flirting with a girl that he cannot see. Especially since you guys were hooking up, well, I am sure he really enjoyed that but you are apart and you cannot hook up and that was his connection to you. To have more with him, you would have to be connected on an emotional level and for a guy that takes time, much longer than it takes for him to want to have sex with you. You guys did not get the chance to bond beyond sex and the thrill wore off for him and there you are, no more texts.

    So, there is a chance when he gets back in to town that he may start texting you again. And he may want to see you again. And you need to decide how you feel about that. I really couldn't tell from this if he was coming back in to town and staying or if he would be off again. Also, I advise against you trying to pursue him. He knows who you are, how to reach you and that you like him. He may have enjoyed your holiday romance but not want anything more permanent and serious. Leave him wanting. Avoid the temptation to start texting him and asking him to get together. Trust me, if he truly enjoyed your company, and you do not contact him, he will eventually feel a strong desire to reconnect with you and he will contact you. If he doesn't it means he has no further interest and you are better off not torturing yourself trying to make something happen.

    • Thank you for the answer. Yes he is comming to my town,our town... We live in the same place

    • I know it will be hard, but put him out of your mind. It is highly likely that when you least expect it, you will hear from him. Trust me, I have seen this happen. If they don't contact you, nothing would get them interested regardless.

    • I won't call him that's for sure, but I can't help myself from wondering what happened so suddenly....

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  • maybe he is doing something with someone else and has a bad conscious. Maybe it was all about the hooking up... maybe he wanted too "soil his oats" before he dedicated himself to you

    either way you can probably do a lot I mean a lot better.


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  • a guy did this to me once and we talked like everynight in the summer and we planned to go to an amusement park together, which happened to be a cheerleading competition for me there on that day too, and I wanted him to come. about a week before it he stopped texting me and his friend was texting me saying he doesn't like to have girlfriends and stuff just so I'd give up on the kid and date him. I messaged him on MySpace like last week though and asked him to be honest why he stopped texting me. he ended up telling me why, and now were cool with each other and we plan to hangout again.

    so my advice, just ask him what's up. he'll probably end up telling you.