How do I even react?

My boyfriend of three years had originally told me that the only people hed slept with prior to us dating had been his three ex girlfriends, and that he'd cheated on one of his exes, but that he'd only kissed the other girl.
I found out yesterday from a third party that he'd in fact slept with the other female. And to make it even worse she had been a complete stranger to him.
I'm so numb. Its not even me that he cheated on, but I'm just so upset that he lied to me the first and second time I asked him. And I just keep thinking, great, when is it my turn to be cheated on.
I love him and I always will but at this point I'm disgusted by the thought of him kissing me or even touching me. Every time he tries I just see him on some stranger and I push him away. I love him and he doesn't deserve to be punished for something that happened before I even met him, but I can't get it out of my head. How do I move past it? It feels like I'm the one that's been cheated because he lied to me.


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  • You can't really be mad at him for his actions but you can be mad at him for lying to you.


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  • Talk it out with him. don't be judgmental, and don't be angry when you do. just make sure that you keep calm and discuss the situation in a logical manner. that way he can understand what you are feeling and help you get through it.

  • I think you should let it go. Think of what you have accomplished as a couple. If you keep thinking or acting the way you are doing it, he'd probably start thinking that it's you who is cheating on him.

    Hope that helps,


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