Should I Ask Her out on a date aka lunch or just leave it as classmate?

Female in my college class who i find extremely pretty. she sits right behind me for math class i didn't noticed her until one day that i came extremely early for class and me and her were the only one in the hall way and we began to talk from there. then once in class. we talk. nothing of flirting or sex talk (yes some college people talk about that ) we just talk about the class and about life. A couple times i had to head to administration office since it was the same way she goes to leave school we walk together and we continue to conversation. She has touched my arm and all that but nothing like holding on to it or hooking or any of that just to show me how cold she was and how warm i was. other time it was how she was kinda sad about other classes she taking i would help her out. any who my question should i ask her out for lunch some day. or should i just keep it as classmate?

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  • Hey man, read your story and here's my opinion: The question here shouldn't be whether or not you should ask her out. Because the answer to that question is undoubtedly yes. You clearly want to ask her out, so you should.

    So now that we have that answered let's move on to what your'e really after. I think what your'e really trying to gauge here is how safe it is to ask her out, or in other words how likely is she to say yes and leave you not feeling rejected/embarrassed/awkward. The fact is that sometimes you can feel you are making more of a safe play, and sometimes you just aren't that sure. And in my opinion not being that sure shouldn't always hold you back, especially in cases like these.

    What's the worst that could happen? She declines.. Not a bad thing. In fact it's a good thing. Working through that fear of rejection and learning how to handle it gracefully, is one of the most beneficial things you can do in order for more success.

    With that being said. I'd like to offer you a pointer about how you can nonchalantly go about this easily. Next time you talk to her I'd just say something like "so what's up with you, you just out there living the single life these days?" Here you will get your answer as to whether she is available. If she isn't then I'd just say whatever maybe ask a little about it and just casually carry on the convo to something else. It's simple, casual and non-threatening. If she's available, I'd say "oh wow" shed say whatever and I'd say "I'm just surprised you haven't asked me out already thats all." She says whatever I say "well you must be shy here give me your phone I'll give you my # you can text me when you wanna hang out sometime."

    Then depending on what's going on I'd make a little more small talk and be out or I would leave right after that and say nice talking again see you around.. Your move is made, ball is in her court and you don't think about it or mention it again n be just as casual as b4.

    Hope this helps.

    • God dayum you should be my therapist

    • Haha wow that's one hell of a compliment, I really appreciate that my friend and glad that you found what I said useful, that's all I was aiming for here.

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  • Defo ask her out , god knows how many girls is after her so ak her out before someone else dose :)

  • If you don't ask someone else will.. and this is how guys get friend zoned. Speak up before it's too late

  • Yes! She touched your arm! She is interested, go for a casual date


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