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So i was in a relationship with a guy we loved eachother, i was studying, he was studying. I have two kids he had none he is 33 he has never had a proper relationship as he was in military and wanted to wait until he was signed off before settling down. We were like you would never believe speaking about our life together what we would call our first child. His new job has him moving away to a different city and we planned to move together then all of a sudden he said he doesn't love me, he doesn't want to be with me and never wants to see me again. We seen eachother since then and spent a lot of time together until about a month ago. We exchanged our thing's and when I saw him to his car he held me like he had not saw me in a long time like he missed me ( not just missed company but he held me so tight like he waited so long to hold me ) kissed my neck and told me i smelt almost edible. He said you will never know or understand how much you mean to me... He told me" you were right when you said we met at wrong time in life" and I dont want to say goodbye because I don't know what will happen in the future, what does this mean? Did he make the wrong choice when he split up with me, does he still love me or is he jist using me to visit him and fill his time while he is in a city he doesn't know?


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  • He loves you and knows that being with him is not good for you. he doesn't think that he deserves you, or that he is bad for you in some way. If you don't know why then I would suggest that you find out, because it sounds like he is very much in love with you and is breaking up with you for your sake not his.

    • But he is so perfect to me, he worked away quite a bit, but called me everynight just to hear my voice before I went to sleep. I just dont know anymore i knew he never had another woman because all my things were still in his car and at his flat and he is an only child so could not use the "its my sisters" line. I think he is feared of the what the future holds, and if he settles with me what if it goes wrong. I've just never met someone who i want to please in so many ways. Arrgghh thanks for the advice though.

    • Then tell him, he clearly still cares about you, and you care about him don't let it end

    • Thank you

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  • Sounds like he was trying to look out for you to be honest


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