This Question is for GIRLS to tell what they would do, after APPROACHING A RANDOM DUDE?

so you approach a random guy for conversation in a public place.

you have a conversation for around 20 minutes.

after the conversation, the guy asks for your number.

so what would your option be after the guy asks for your number:

1) would you give an excuse like my " phone is not working" or " i don't have a phone"

2) give your contact when he asks for it.

3) maybe ask for his contact.

girls, your pick = d


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  • Give him my number

    • THANKS = D But just to ask, would you ever go with OPTION 1 ?

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    • Yeah I don't why... I am NOT a flirty /cocky person when talking. I have a general conversation , be nice and give my opinion when needed.

      I have TOTALLY given up now and I when I see other guys with girls, I am crying inside and want to forget GIRLS completely.

      I mind my own business and then they approach me and do this.

      I think I might kill myself one day out of frustration.

  • Um.. I think it very obviously depends on if he seemed nice/funny/whatever and if he was attractive


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