My buddy did a good deed here, as his wing man I think he should use it?

My buddy works at a battered women's shelter. One night an angry husband comes in and tries to get in to see his wife. After unsuccessfully trying to calm him down, the angry husband starts throwing punches at my buddy, saying, "I'm getting in there." My buddy says, "Over my dead body" and proceeds to thrash the guy. The husband swings a pipe at his head then runs off. The cops come and do their thing...

Now my buddy has a been bruise on the side of his face. He's pretty humble, but I think this would be a good pick up story for him.

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  • Not hot - girl's don't want to be picked up with THAT
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  • If he tells that story to pick up a woman, he's not humble.

    I vote no on that. It's a cool story to tell people later but I'm generally wary of people who tell personal stories like that OR sob stories *shudders* up front because I automatically label them as attention whores.

    I guess in this case I would automatically label him a "grown man who probably still calls himself an 'alpha'" and escape from the conversation as soon as possible while still being polite.


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  • Hm... could be, and could not be. Some might read it as being a thug, and others might like it. Also be aware that some guy might think of him as a white knight, especially if he's using it as a pickup line. So really, that should be evaluated on a case to case basis.
    Bloody society...

  • He should not dilute the good he did by trying to capitalize on it for personal gain. It's unseemly.

  • Nah, this story's too heavy. I think most girls would like it more if you share how scared you were when a grasshopper landed on your arm. Keep the conversation light and funny.

  • Turning a good deed into an attempt for personal gain is not admirable.