Women and internet dating?

Hello everyone,

I recently made an online dating account on POF and decided to try it out. Being that this is my first time online dating I thought it be a little different from what I expected.

What I noticed is the online dating is it still treated like reality. Women want the men to do the approaching. If this is the case I might as well just go back out and approach women.

I kind of was expecting online dating to be a free for all since everyone is safe behind a computer. Is that what the internet socializing is? Not having social anxiety, no face to face interactions, easy to avoid conflicts and no nervousness. That's why we have tons of trolls all over internet. Right?

Yes , I know you ladies get tons of guys messaging you online dating sites. Mostly perverts from what I hear? Why do you do this still?


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  • At the time when I did pof I was going through a tough break up so it took awhile to heal. Going on pof was my way of talking to new guys and also my place where I got the attention that I wanted. Unfortunately the guys on there are perves and the pick up lines cracked me up! Lol but would I ever go back on it? HELL NO! lol did I get to date a few guys, I actually did but in all honesty they just wanted to have fun instead of something serious.

    So that's my spoof on online dating. Lol basically most women still keep it for the attention that's all.


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  • Women still expect men to approach because even though its online dating but its still dating and no woman wants to appear needy or easy. Approaching men would work with some woman but most women don't do the approaching even if they see an attractive guy. Another reason is that, as a woman you get like 10 messages from different guys everyday so there's need to do the approaching.


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  • Because:
    -it might be free.
    -you don't have much social anxiety by texting.
    -social norm (everyone is used to do the same thing, why not meeting girls via friends, social networks but not by COOL APPROACHING?)