Why won't he have sex with me?

So I met this guy off Tinder and we talked for a month before we finally met. The first couple of dates were really polite and respectful.

We finally ended up making out at his place on the third date. We started getting into oral but he said he didn't want to have sex because "the time isn't right." He is not selfish though-he gives as much oral as he receives.

In bed, he cuddles and is very affectionate and wants me to spend the night and have breakfast. Outside of bed he is also very affectionate and kisses me, holds my hand, all that stuff, in public as well. He makes hints at little future plans for us to do too. He's gotten comfortable pulling his phone out in front of me too now.

But when I look at his Tinder profile I can see when he was last active and he seems to be on it all the time. Is he checking to see if I'M on Tinder? I don't know.

So I don't get it-is he waiting for sex because he doesn't find me attractive? Because I'm a filler? What other reasons are there?


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  • It is very true that if your getting oral he finds you attractive. Also if your on there checking if he's on there he sees you are on there a lot too is what I'm thinking. You should ask him about this, it's probably something simple. If he is getting and giving oral but waiting on the right time for sex this guy has a huge amount of respect for you. It does sound like he wants a long term relationship with you, if sex is a big thing for you that's understandable just try not to get frustrated it's worth waiting for respect like that.


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  • If he does oral then definitely you are attractive to him.
    It is nearly impossible that a guy refuse to have sex. If he is doing this then he may be in very serious relationship with you.

  • You are lucky, this guy is matured and looking forward for a long distance relationship.

    What's in sex! you will do it very often later, now enjoy the attention

  • I'll have sex with you lol but I'm TheworldsUgliestMan is that still OK HA HA HA HA


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