How to flirt with a girl if you are an introvert?

Hi, I consider my self an introvert. I don't do crowds, I am not really outspoken in parties (dont drink at all) or social events, unless they are tight groups. I am south Asian (paki) born and raised in the US (so Flo). My problem isn't that I can't get girls; I just don't know how to approach them. As you can see, I am not for one night stands or anything, just looking for companionship, maybe something further. If I like a girl, I will just stare at her a lot (when she's not looking), try to catch her in between classes (to make eye contact?), maybe look her up on fb (research purposes ;) ). But I still have no idea how to approach and start up a conversation. What would be some flirting tips, or at least some indicators to show her that I am interested? And how to keep a convo going, I can usually talk for a bit but then draw a blank and awk silence... Also, is it possible that white chicks find me un attractive? im 5' 9 , lanky, trying to get big. I wouldn't consider myself buttugly (been told i have a "strong" jawline, dk if its a good thing or not). Im like light tan. sorry about the rant just thought I would get some questions answered.
Another question: where would someone like me find girls to meet? Like I said, parties are a no-go. Im an engineering student, but most of my classes don't really have females, and the ones that do are usually with someone already. Guys and girls answers appreciated! thanks!


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  • Campus is the best place to meet girls. I'm an engineering student too. There's very few girls in engineering. You know where hot girls go? Biology.
    The easiest girls to talk to are the ones that are sitting somewhere waiting for their class to start. They like talking to someone because they have time to waste.
    - Just go and say "Excuse me, you seem nice, I want to meet you." Then ask her her name, and things about her, try to get to know her. Even if she has a boyfriend, it's good because you learn how to make conversation.

    Ideally you should try and challenge yourself to do things that are uncomfortable for you. That's how you learn new things.
    - You can walk up to a girl and say "Can I tell you something that makes me nervous? I think you look cool. I wanted to say hi to you". They'll be nicer to you, because they know you're nervous.

    It's a really broad topic dude. You can't expect to find the answer to all of it on this site. Just remember, your progress with women is directly correlated with the amount of time you spend talking to potential girlfriends. Be playful, and try to learn.
    This helped me a lot so I feel obligated to share this link:

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