Husky picture! skanky picture, what is right or wrong?

Looking at someones Facebook or instagram profile, can you just by that find out how their view of life is?
They way they carry themselves or the way they are portraited by their pictures, with friends, themselves, family etc?

I always wonder because i see so many girls with their selfies on instagram.. i dont even have a instragram and i just get confused

I've had this as my profile picture since August and trust me i do have some insecurities and sometimes i want to be just like all the other "hot girls"


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  • Somehow the husky breed always reminds me of a polite serial killer...
    But I love all dogs, as long as they're gentle.
    By the picture all I can say is you enjoy the companion of your dog, like any dog lover would!

    • she just said it's not her.

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    • its my sisters

    • @bubble_tea : what I meant by you was the person in picture
      @Asker :Report this question and pray that the mods remove it

  • Relaaax! You look fantastic. Yeah yeah you are a little husky but hey you have wonderful eyes and those ears! Mmmm. You'll be fine as long as you're not a bitch about it.


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  • Aww you're pretty! & pretty husky too :)

  • I've seen this pic before..

    Don't worry so much what others do or don't do.