I'm DONE with Online Dating? But I'm probably using it?

Hello everyone,
I believe most of the guys out there have the same opinion with me, that online dating sucks for most guys.
I'm not whining here basically, but im quite fed up with fact.
Let's say:
I met this malay girl on wechat, we have spoken for quite long conversation. She even told me how many bro & sis during the conversations (which i believe she's trusting me)
I also believe she's quite flirty because she typed ''hahahaha'' for most chat lines. (guess she likes me)
So, next day I talked to her, and I MANAGED TO ASK HER OUT given our distance is not far, she's working in a pet shop, I know it, and I told her:
''how about we meet each other cause' we're living quite near, i'm not used to type because there're no emotions behind it. Reply me if u want to meet up. ''
and she kinda give me excuse that ''oh... i'm shy,'' ''why don't we chat here''
I wasted no time to be honest w my intention, I said WTF? they wanted to reject a guy that's straight forward like me, lol! You don't plan to meet up this honest & handsome guy, that's your total loss!


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  • Right, because meeting a complete stranger after only chatting with them for a brief period of time is just such a fantastic idea!

    Nothing can ever go wrong.

    She was obviously flakey, nothing to do with her fearing for her life or anything, pffft.

    • I told her I'm going to see her in her working place,
      planned to talk to her face2face.
      I'm having more social pressures as compared to her in this situation.

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    • There're probably lots of workmates working there.
      I don't see myself as a creep. I see myself going for what I wanted.

    • And thus we have found the root of your downfall.

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  • She doesn't find you attractive enough.

  • What is the question...

    • The legit reasons why women flake on guys have been discovered,
      u may freely clicking the 'live feed' button
      disappear! Deeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk

    • Lol. Because maybe she doesn't want to meet in person until you talk more? Because the net can be a cesspool of creeps. Deeeeeeek

  • Our world has turn bad so they need to be extra careful. by the way u look chinese so i think u are not moslem if I'm correct. Most malay girls are moslem so I think she taking a distance coz she can not date u anyway. Moslems must marry moslems

    • I guess that's just a limiting belief? I found some malay/muslim girls attractive!
      Yes. I'm a chinese

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    • Geez... Geylang is not a good place. U can get STD there. Singapore is so small u know...

    • Oh really? I have no experience going Geylang before...
      So, by the way at least you can see prostitution is kinda legal there

  • Lol I don't know but I always type, haha it really doesn't mean anything when I say it so I don't know but her not wanting to meet, something's off there.

    • Typing, short instant messages's purpose is to SET UP DATES, lol
      I'm not a woman, I'm not doing this nonsense thing much
      if you don't want to MEET UP as the conclusion, why do you want to invest so much time on texting LONG, LONG messages to me?

    • True if y'all are close then yeah she should want to meet.😊

  • Maybe she wanted to talk more first

    • I'm studying for my supplemetary, other stuffs going on
      I have less time for typing, typing, typing

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    • I guess I have to translate my action into COLD APPROACHING soon.
      Thanks for your long replies, by the way

    • You're welcome, and good luck with the dating.

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  • Online dating is a waste of time. a
    In there are 45% girls who want attention/approval, 45% girls who want to make friends only and 10% girls who genuinely seek a relationship.

    So what are your chances of meeting the 10% of girls, almost none given the ton of guys seeking them and getting to them before you.
    I find online dating a waste of time, doesn't work as advertised. -.-

    • Yeah, I agree with you.
      Some guys are wasting money on ADVERTISING themselves.
      Most of them are attention seekers on the net

    • Yep. Why not you date a girl you know, a friend in school perhaps?
      Online dating in Asian countries have much lower success rates as compared to our western counterparts.

      Girls in western countries have a more open mind due to their culture, but Asian girls are impossible to ever gain their trust. They are not even cognizant that they are contradicting themselves. They join dating sites wanting a bf, and when guys initiate a conversation with them, they automatically classify you as creepy. To them, initiating a conversation with them is tantamount to being creepy or desperate for sex. That is the typical mindset of many Asian girls. So Fck the effectiveness of online dating in Asian countries.

    • You're fuckin' right!
      Asian women, in general are SHY, TRADITIONAL creatures.
      I wish I could meet more WHITE WOMEN in my country...
      I want to date a girl I know in class,
      But I realize she probably friend zoned me (since I didn't like her, have not asked her out during earliest time of interaction).
      Asking her out now is basically saying I'M INTERESTED AT U BUT WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS for long period of time.
      That doesn't feel right for her, and it would create awkward moments afterwards.
      IF I want to date someone, I have to restart the game.

  • In my experience there's quite a few girls who don't seem to know what they want on those sites. They sign up and make a profile but then just want to chat? It took me almost two weeks to get one to understand that I was asking her out, and we went on one very boring date!

    Don't give up, there's still some decent girls to be found among all the weirdos.

    • I guess these girls HAVE TO INVEST $ in order to know they're in DATING sites.
      Yeah, guess so... decent girls are out there

  • Maybe she needs more time. Keep talking, it doesn't hurt you, and you may find an Internet friend. But look for other girls too, don't just talk to her.
    Online dating is not easy, and it takes time, but you may find someone that's worth it.

    • Yes. i look for other girls too,
      There's one girl that I have REACHED OUT for her three times, the 2nd time I found her, I ASKED HER OUT, she said ''she would LET ME KNOW''.
      So, I have been waiting for her, leave it, continue to chat up other girls.
      3-4 weeks went by, I reached out to her once again to see where I stand,
      again her response was VERY LONG, in text messages. replied me w enthusiasm
      But I don't believe the fact that HAD SHE FORGOTTEN that I asked her out previously?

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    • Okay, I'm done with it.
      The conclusion comes back to GUYS HAVE TO INVEST MORE TIME in order to gain the trust of women.
      I might not be that 'patient' guy, but honest n straight to the point. life is always contradicting anyway!
      By the way, thanks for your long replies.
      I know I have to find other ways to approach women.

    • You're welcome man.
      It's true, guys have to invest more time but you gotta understand that most of the creepers out there are men, so women take more precautions because of that.
      Men trust women faster than how women trust men.

  • I like girls from Asian countries because most tend to be virgins longer, and it is virgins I seek because I am one myself. I like shy girls too. Probably because i am low key.

    Your preferences may just be different. But yes, online dating sucks.

  • It does suck, I feel yourp pain. People online are wird is all I can say, your right that emotions don't come across chat easily. But if you give it some time, you can meet people, it may just take more than a day or two of chatting. Sucks I know

  • that sounds quite familiar to me.