Super Pretty Girls - Are you lonelier than the average girl?

there's someone who told me that really pretty girls are often lonely, since no one is brave enough to approach them - etc.

I think I'm pretty attractive as a guy, but am pretty lonely overall since most girls I meet are either unavailable or don't have the confidence to think I'd be interested.

Do you have the same problem?


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  • Do I meet the criteria to post, lol?

    It kind of sucks being seen as conventionally attractive. The only men who approach me are either really arrogant, or really bitter or snide, thinking I'm going to reject them. No one takes my problems seriously, it's always, "Well you're pretty/Well you're thin/white/female." When I wasn't looking that great (health issues) I got a lot more positive attention from people, people actually caring about me and if I was doing okay.

    I get a lot of negative attention from other women, and to this date I can't say I've ever been true friends with a female (who wasn't a lesbian/bisexual).

    For all the free drinks I've gotten I think I would rather be seen as less attractive because it makes everything as competitive and I constantly feel objectified/seen as a prize.
    I feel you, dude.

    • I see why ladies be hatin' - you're very pretty =)

      Its weird when you're a dude, and like - you know you look decent - but can't find the right kind of lady who has the confidence you find attractive. But she would have that confidence with some other dude, who she thinks she "deserves" because of her low self esteem.

      Also I have this habit of falling in love with girls that are already taken, which is a whole 'nother story of being dumb.

      Ugh, heart. Why so feel?

      Does making the first move ever work out in your favor?

    • Maybe you just have a taste for forbidden fruit.

      I've had to make the first move a lot of times to get anywhere.. Of course, I've been rejected (sometimes this was solely because I was a girl and I "shouldn't" have been chasing) but you wouldn't have that problem.

    • I like your brain, lady.

      And yeah, a few years ago you'd be totally right.

      Now its like, I find them too late - when I just want them to be my fruit. It seems like the good ones are always already with someone.

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  • I mean I'm not sure I qualify, I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I don't really think there's one girl everyone will think is gorgeous. I've had some people tell me I'm really pretty so I guess I will answer. I'm not lonely now but I have been a lot in the past. It's important to learn to have your happiness in your control and not depend on someone else. For me the problem a lot of the time seems to be guys only want one thing from you and don't want to get to know you. If you give them what they want they have no interest in getting to know you just sleeping with you. I used to have the problem of guys not approaching me, now they tend to be very forceful about wanting to hookup. Now I have a boyfriend but yea, I was pretty lonely up until about 3 months ago.

    • Understood, thanks for sharing. He's a lucky guy, you've got a good mind and are super cute.

  • Thanks girl @bubble_tea
    When I say I'm lonely its because its half my choice and half not. I'd say sometimes I'm not confident and other times I am super confident but I don't think that's the main reason I am lonely. I guess I'm weird or something the way I think about things and the way I may act. I'm not what people assume I may be. People think I might be some super excited, spontaneous, outgoing girl all the time but its rare. I can have fun but I'm more reserved and people think I'm stuck up but I'm not. People just don't get me and I don't expect them to but at least respect me.

    • Do you mean you're lonely by choice, and that people make assumptions about your personality based on your looks which aren't accurate?

      How does that translate into what you're looking for in a partner?

    • Funny thing is, most people you meet in your life will never really know you. Sometimes even family, especially if you tend to keep to yourself. But most often then not, people feel the same way you do, people want to be loved for who they are inside (even if we ourselves don't know who we may be).
      I'm still trying to figure it out myself, but maybe we can only live one day at a time and not expect unconditional love from the start? I don't know.

  • Yeah It is very difficult to be pretty you have no idea.

    ps: it is not being pretty or what. It is just about being confident. You have to learn to like yourself. I do not want some fancy boy. I want someone human who has all imperfections , yet perfect on my eyes.

  • Hi there,
    I speculate there is some truth to that. :/ It seems like some of the older women come up to me and say, "look at you! You are so cute!" and "You are so pretty!" "Where's your boyfriend?". I think they say it because they remember when they used to be young. Some of the guys I have talked to in the past have been like "You're very attractive and its distracting.", "You're pretty", and "Oh I know you have heard this many times before but you are really pretty. There was even an older man at my local gas station that would tell me I have a beautiful smile. He would ask "why don't I have a boyfriend?" . He would also say "Any guy would be crazy not to have you. If I were your age, I would date you."

    But I am pretty lonely right now because of bull****. Part of attraction is looks but part of it is intellect and personality. I think I have a nice personality (been told that as well) but I don't know why I am single. So I am with you on this question

  • @sammy_31 someone wants your opinion ^^

  • I don't think lonely is the work I think heartbreak is.

  • Yes I'm very lonely.

    • Because guys won't approach you?

    • Exactly, they're intimidated by my radiant beauty but I can't blame them. It's only natural.

    • Do you ever just make the first move? Seems like that's what it would take.

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  • Being a super pretty girl, I believe it's my duty to inform people that despite social misconceptions, it can actually be very lonely being an attractive female.

    People need to understand that it's not hard to find a partner, if you're willing to lower your standards enough, pretty much ANYONE can find hollow companionship.

    However, finding the RIGHT one? Now THERE'S the issue.

  • I think this varies on the person and that person's gathering. It's not about being pretty or not, it's more about confidence. An unattractive guy can ask the prettiest girl out, same goes the other way. It's not really about how you look that gives you the motivation to approach a pretty person, it's the confidence.

    • Yeah what I'm trying to verify is this theory concerning attractive girls (that they're lonely for various reasons). I dig confidence in girls also, and have seen many kind of shy away when they don't have it. I know guys do that too, all the time.

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