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I met this girl a month ago. In the beginning I really didn't think anything much of her but I helped her with couple of homeworks and she invited me more often. One night she offered me to sleep over but it was only one bed so i made a move and we made out all night. Few days later she invited me by again and I bought her some of her favorite snacks. At leaving home I tried to give her kiss, but she supprisingly said it is only okay on cheek. I didn't fight then, so I just leaved. But now I didn't hear from her in a week. I really thought we have connection, I haven't feel that way for a girl in a while. She never had boyfriend and like I sense doesn't attend to have (she is party girl). But now she is kinda ignoring me. But I am not wussy and I dont want to text her first. Any advice?


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  • How can you make out all night... and then... supprisingly said it is only okay (to kiss) on cheek. Didn't you French her to start with for 10 or 20 min and after the sex?

    In any case, it sounds troubling. She sounds like a ball buster. Just pin her down. Does she want a no kissing friends with benefits deal or would she like to be your girl & let you suck on her tongue.

    Forget the saving face, 'wussy' bullshit. A man is upfront, a pussy will hide, pine away and sucks his thumb. Pin her down... with words... then pin he down with you inside her.

    Be a man and not a pussy.


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  • Go ahead and text her; she obviously has her reasons for cooling it with you. It's not 'wussy' to ask what's going on with her.

    And if she doesn't tell you, that doesn't mean she dislikes you. Clearly she DOES. So be confident here.
    She probably just doesn't want to go any further at the moment.