In love with his best friend?

A friend of mine an I are really close. We've known each other literally since ever. I consider him my best male friend (no friendzone, he is not into me XD)

Recently, I got to know his best friend, and we really clicked. We went out on a date an hook up at a party. I'm really into him, but I'm not sure if it would be like taboo to ate him because of our "mutual best friend"?

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  • your mutual friend has nothing to do with your relationships you want to enter. he is only a friend.


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  • He's only your friend. If he wanted more from you he should've went after it. In no way are you obligated to ask him permission or anything like that. Date who you want. A good friend will be happy for you and supportive, no matter who you are dating.

    • I somehow feel like I'm intruding his other cirle of friends...

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