Guy got back with ex-girlfriend and phoned to explain?


So , i was in touch with this guy for about 6 months. We met online. Nothing serious developed. We spoke occasionally and saw him only about 6 times. Lately, we have been speaking again. Anyways, 3 days ago he phones to tell me that he got back with his ex. I said fine good luck and he wanted to continue chatting. I kind of wanted to end the conversation.. he kept on asking questions.

The following day he phoned me which took me by surprise. He said that he is sorry for the way things turned out and i am really cute and it's just someone that he was with and they broke up twice and now they are back together. He said he doesn't know if it will last but he wants to give it another chance. He said she is very jealous and asked him to cut off all contact with girl friends.

I wonder why he felt the need to phone me that second time to explain and chat. It's not like we had a relationship. Did he maybe feel that i wanted more? I don't understand why he called the second time although i did find it sweet.


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  • He is either A. lying and just wants to cut off contact with you or B. He is telling the truth, in which case of course he thought you wanted more and he was just being a nice guy by telling you never to talk to him again :s

    • Don't think he is lying? What so he phoned me twice to make sure I will never ever talk to him again? He wanted to get rid of me?

    • He phoned you twice to make sure he let you down easy, that he didn't hurt your feelings too much, this is just what it looks like from what you're telling us, there are a million things that I probably don't know about you two, so it could be for a different reason, maybe trying to get a reaction out of you is one, seeing if you really want him by being dissapointed he's getting with a new girl.

    • Well don't think he got much of a reaction. We spoke occasionally and met only a few times. But I do think he got the vibe i wanted more. Recently, we spoke a bit more. He said that he doesn't know if the relationship will last more than 2 weeks but he wants to give it another try and if it doesn't work out he wants to be in touch with me.

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