I am stuck between my friends?

so... i have 2 roomates rose and eva well rose is dating a guy and i caught him cheating on her with eva and i don't know what to do should i tell rose or just shut up?

when answering try to be in rose's shoe please

  • ofcourse it is her right you need to tell her
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  • no you can't tell her let her figure it out by herself
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  • suck it up and act like you didn't see anything
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  • other (more explanation please)
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  • Tell your friend if you make sure that she smart enough to understand that you wanna be nice. Tell her in the way around with all witness you have to prove that you didn't lies. Otherwise you may be a bad person for your friends. It would be great to makes them understand that the most bad person in this case is guy who stay in the middle. He knows everything.


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  • Only if she asks. It will be counter-productive if you go and say this to her out of the blue. Unless you have definite recorded proof of the incident, you are in for a shitstorm.


What Girls Said 1

  • Talk to Eva and make her tell Rose.