Where and how to find a girlfriend?

Basically I am super introverted, have been all my life, not unattractive, just super shy talking to people, really worried about what they think of me, first thing, I don't know where to find a girl, second thing, I don't know what to do when I do find one I like, if I look at it realistically, I suck at talking to people, let alone a girl I like, so I just feel like I'm never going to have a girlfriend, I am 22 and none, 0, I was asked out a lot as a kid but denied them all as of my shy problem, so is there any remedy for this problem I have or am I really doomed to be a forever alone?


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  • You can find girls anywhere, it's only your shyness stopping you. Guys chat girls up on the bus, shopping, college, library, days out, randoms on the streets... literally, everywhere.

    Stop yourself feeling shy, and just aim for the ones who'll be grateful at the beginning for practice, then build up to hotties.

    • It just seems so odd and I never see anybody do that kind of thing, I can't just walk across the street to some girl and say hey, you look good wanna date? it just seems too weird and I'll look like a creep, even on a bus or at a library it's still weird for me and I'd feel like I was intruding rather than letting them meet a guy they would maybe like.

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    • I added a random girl on Facebook once, afterwhich I got a message saying "who the hell are you", kinda put me off :s

    • If she doesn't know you, and doesn't think you look interesting or fit or want to talk to you, she won't accept the add, simple as. Girls assume every guy that adds us is a player type and he is used to dumb types of girls, so a lot of girls are rude to him automatically just to test him or prove to him she isn't like the other dumb "easy to get" girls he always adds... stupid I know lol, but us girls can be a weird bunch, especially age 21 and under. Trust me, that "who the hell are you" message, might not always be entirely bad. Just think of a cheeky reply, or a very polite boy reply, and message back :)

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  • Everywhere that have girls. You can get her there. If you ever have girl friend. Just relax to talk to them as nothing happen. Just talk about things happen around. If you meet someone you are interesting, give her a big smile. If she smile back. Go on talk about things like you meet your friend. Good luck

  • dude, being shy is all about selfishness
    its everyones job in a conversation to make their counterpart feel comfortable
    if you come across as "shy", you won't actually come across as shy. theyll see you as someone they can't be themselves around because you and they will be uncomfortable with it.
    so just be confident. there's no way that you have some awful flaw that noone wants to go out with you.

    try a library and pick a shy looking girl :) if she doesn't seem interested, say bye and move on.
    there's no reason to be shy, everyone is vulnerable, everyone fakes self confidence, and eventually, you'll believe it. fake it till you make it.

    you can do it!

  • Piccollage!!!


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  • Introvert? go to the nearest pub, take a few shots and let's see where all that shyness went

    • It's so engraved in me that I am even shy when I am drunk! A couple months back I was in Magaluf and I was super wasted and I went up to a girl said "hey, are you interested" and she said no.. first time I ever went up to a girl and I got put down like a dog :s

    • Well that's only one girl m8, try it again, the best part about getting wasted is the fear of rejection doesn't seem like a fear. people get rejected a lot