Colored contacts on girls?

What do you guys think about colored contacts on girls? I like to wear them occasionally for fun. I don't wear the vibrant colors that look totally unreal. I wear the subtle ones that only make subtle changes to the eyes. I always wonder if I go out and meet someone in these contacts if I'm misleading someone. What do you guys think?


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  • I wore hazel colored contacts for a short period of time to see what having another eye color would look like. All my friends including my guy friends liked them but for the most part colored contacts don't truly look real unless you get an expensive pair. The "pupil" is often rather big and unlike real pupils it never changes in size.

    I really don't consider wearing them to be misleading, though. Other than the fact that often people can tell they're not real, it's simply eye color. Unless a person has a serious fetish for, say, blue eyes, I doubt they'd feel lied to just because your real eyes turned out to be brown.

    • I got the colorblends kind which aren't just plain one color and look bright and fake. They have blended colors. I tried on hazel one's and my Mom didn't even notice that much of a difference except that I had a different look.

    • Oh cool, I'll look into colorblends if I ever want to try em out again :)
      Like I said, though, I don't think anybody would feel deceived. If they thought the color was real then maybe a brief moment of surprise but that's it.

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  • I used to wear colored contacts when I was in High School and they kind of messed with my eyes. I wouldn't recommend them. They are not misleading at all though because people can usually tell that they are fake, even when you wear the expensive ones. So I wouldn't worry about that part.

  • They're not for me, personally. But, subtle is the way to go. Sometimes, it's nice to have a bit of a change to your look- like dying your hair :)

    • *dyeing


    • Yea. I only wear subtle one's and my friend says that he thinks they look pretty natural unless someone is up in my face looking at my eyes real hard lol. Sometimes I wonder though if it's a turnoff to guys if they meet you looking one way and then when they realize you just have brown eyes if they get disappointed.

    • Hahaha, guys do seem to get really offended by these things. I think they feel they've been duped, or something. lol.

  • I don't know hazel or blue